Terms of Services (Checkout Agreement) & Account Responsibility

Terms of Services - Last Updated 04/02/2020


Cancelation & Refunds 

You have upto 14 days, to the right to cancel and request a refund on any (hosting), however this does not apply to the following services (SSL, Domains), these are purchased in yearly advance. 


Account Billing 

Invoice is generated, 7 days before the due date and a reminder of unpaid status will be generated 3 days prior to final billing date.  After the due date has passed your will receive an overdue reminder, and addition to this you will be charged a late fee on your account.


If payment is not received by 3 days, then your account will be automatically suspended. Additionally to this, if no payment is fully received by 30 days your account will be fully terminated. 


Domain Services 

You acknowledge that when you purchase a domain through Bridget Sarah, the domain is issued from third party internet domain register (Hexonet). Before your domain is set to expire, you will receive a renewal notice 30 days before it’s set to expire, a second notice 7 days before, and addition a 3rd notice set 3 days before your domain expires, no additional reminders will be sent to you from us.


Support Tickets 

If you open a support ticket, and we have responded and you choose not to respond to this within 48 hours, the ticket will be automatically closed by out system. 


Data Retention

If you should have an account and you should not use it for a period of 3 (no invoices, or service is not active), the account will be deleted as we do not see any reason to hold your data longer than we need it complying with the GDPR.


Account & Website Ruling



You must be 18 to register an account with Bridget Sarah. If you have turned 16 and register an account, we will terminate your account straight away, additional to the following rules of conduct. 


  • You must not abuse your account with any of the following:

    • Promoting, or encouraging, or engaging in any kind of child pornography, oe the exploration of childre. 

    • Promoting, or encouraging, or engaging in any kind of teorrism, violence against people, animals or property.

    • Promoting, or encouraging, or engaging in any spam, unsolicited bulk email or computer, hacking, or cracking. 

    • Infringe rights of an entity (person or organisations) intellectual property

    • Provide false, or an inaccurate reputation of Bridget Sarah’s services. 

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